Thank you for choosing Launceston Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management. We recommend regular servicing as the most effective means of pest management although you can help keep infestation to a minimum by following a few simple precautions.

Cockroaches are scavengers, seeking food scraps and water. maintaining clean kitchen and meal areas in both domestic and commercial environments as well as making sure there are no leaking taps are the first to keeping cockroaches at bay. food should be contained and stock rotated in retail environment. cracks and crevices provide easy shelter for cockroaches and these should be filled and sealed. thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas where grease and oils accumulate such as behind ovens and stoves is recommended.waste products should be placed in sealed containers or garbage bags and floors should be clear of obstacles to provide easy cleaning and eliminate shelter options for cockroaches.

chemical treatments are limited if these precautions are not followed.